&nbsp The Null Void Projector is a powerful weapon that is used to transfer aliens to the Null Void, a never-ending intergalactic jail (the Null Void isn't really an intergalactic prison; as seen in the episode Voided). Several of the Null Void projectors lie in the interior chamber of Mount Rushmore. It has been gradually refined through the ages; according to Kevin, the Mach 1 model was a large machine similar in appearance to the handgun, however it required time to recharge between intervals. The most modern version is similar to the handgun one except it takes less time to charge; allowing easy access to the Null Void. It can also be overloaded, allowing it to be used as a bomb

Null Void Projector[1]
Users: Various Plumbers
First Appearance: Truth
Type: Dimension Opener

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