Humans are the main inhabitants of planet Earth and Yawa Tobsic also known as Ledger Domain. According to Tetrax, humans are considered a delicacy among most alien species. Dwayne McDuffie confirmed that we should all "wait and see" what a human's ultimate form will be.


[hide]*1 Half Humans

  • 2 Notable Humans
    • 2.1 Full-Humans
    • 2.2 Human/Alien-Hybrids
    • 2.3 Gallery

Half Humans[1]EditEdit

Some people that appear human may be half alien, and according to Kevin, people with alien ancestry are actually fairly common on Earth, especially among offspring of The Plumbers.

Notable Humans[2]EditEdit


  • Max Tennyson
  • Julie Yamamoto
  • Joel Tennyson
  • Cooper Daniels
  • Sandra Tennyson
  • Lili Tennyson
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Will Harangue
  • Jennifer Nocturne
  • Hugo
  • Overlord
  • Professor Paradox (Immortal)
  • Charmcaster (Extra-Dimensional)
  • Hex (Extra-Dimensional)
  • Mike Morningstar (Possibly Extra-Dimensional)
  • Vera Tennyson
  • JT
  • Cash


  • Kevin Levin(1/2-Human|1/2-Osmosian)
  • Kevin 11,000(1/2-Human|1/2-Osmosian Kevins alternate future self)
  • Devlin Levin(3/4-Human|1/4-Osmosian)
  • Carl Tennyson(1/2-Human|1/2-Anodite)
  • Frank Tennyson(1/2-Human|1/2-Anodite)
  • Ben Tennyson(3/4-Human|1/4-Anodite)
  • Ben 10,000(3/4-Human|1/4-Anodite Bens alternate future self)
  • Albedo(3/4-Human|1/4-Anodite in Ben's body, originally a Galvan)
  • Gwen Tennyson(3/4-Human|1/4-Anodite)
  • Ken Tennyson(3/4-Human|1/4-Anodite)
  • Kenny Tennyson(7/8-Human|1/8-Anodite)
  • Alan Albright(1/2-Human|1/2-Pyronite)
  • Manny Armstrong(1/2-Human|1/2-Tetramand)
  • Helen Wheels(1/2-Human|1/2-Kineceleran)
  • Pierce(1/2-Human|1/2-Unknown)

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