The Forge of Creation is a place hidden to everyone except its inhabitants, Paradox and whoever has the Map of Infinity. Aggregor plans to head to the Forge of Creation to absorb powers within and become unstoppable. It is the home of Celestialsapiens, Alien X's species. It appeared in the episode The Forge of Creation. The reason Aggregor wanted to go to the Forge of Creation was to absorb the power of a newly born celestialsapien and become omnipotent.

Because Paradox is not allowed to be within 500 light years of a Celestialsapien, he is not allowed to enter it even through he can but not without the locals taking notice of the time walker presence .


  • This is where the universe began, all universes.
  • Despite the fact that the Omnitrix (Ultimatrix) has a DNA sample of a Celestialsapien, Azmuth still doesn't know where the Forge of Creation is. However, it could be possible that the sample was given to him by Paradox or another Celestialsapien it is possible they stumble upon one by accident and got its DNA sample.
  • It's outside our universe.
  • The giant female curvaceous Celestialsapien is one of many females Celestialsapiens but the only one seen, so is not the "mother of all creation" as many fans would believe. Dwayne McDuffie stated she was not the sole female and that she was not a god in numerous questions on his forum.
  • Paradox was almost killed when Bellicus voted to destroy him but Paradox turned Ben back to normal before Serena could vote on the matter.
  • The normal Celestialsapien are about the size of WayBig and Alien X is about the size of a Human it is likely possible they can be at any size they want due to their powers.
  • Paradox probably has a serious conflict with the Celestialsapien species as Alien X almost killed him.
  • Kevin tried making a joke to 10 year old Ben about how baby Alien Xs are born ("When two constellations love each other very much-). While he said this to "help the kid out", this is obviously a lie because Azmuth said the Forge of Creation is where Celestialsapiens like Alien X are born.
  • With The Forge of Creation enclosed by a Chrono Randomization Barrier, it is out of sync with all time. Paradox's warning for Ben not to lean against it is true as it caused 10 year-old Ben to appear.