Echo Echo
[[<a href=""><img width="195" height="307" src="195px-Echoecho.png"/></a>|250px]]



Home planet:


Body type:



sonic scream, self duplication and echolocation


ULTIMATE Echo Ultimate Echo



1st Appearance:

ben 10 returns part 2


Echo Echo may be one of the smaller Ben 10 aliens, but he's a living amplifier with some serious power. He produces steel-shattering sonic waves, can duplicate himself, and can scream at ultrasonic frequencies to overload machinery and stop missiles in flight!


Echo Echo is a small white alien whose body is a living amplifier. One of the most noticeable features is a square appendage resembling an MP3 player behind his back with a port on it - decorated with a binary digit situated like the number 10, and what looks like cassette tapes on his lower legs. It was also revealed in Fool's Gold that Echo Echo is made out of silicon which allowed him to defeat Decka.

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