Earth is the home planet of Humans(and some human/alien hybrids) and many animal life forms,located on the Solar System. It appears as the common setting in many Ben 10 episodes. An odd thing about the planet is that a great deal of alien activity happens on earth which isn't a trans-galactic level civilization. This has led to the majority of the plot lines within the Ben 10 series, as well as a major story arc within Ben 10: Alien Force. Earth, as well as a number a planets, is regarded as a "Cesspool" of the galaxy by one of the bounty hunters, Vulkanus, within the episode The Galactic Enforcers.

'Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction'[1]EditEdit

It is the main setting of the game where the Potis Altiare was sent by the galvan when it crashed on earth many years ago.

Possible Future [2]EditEdit

The Earth begins to have a substantial ethnicity diverse population of aliens sometime between Ben being 15 and 30. When exactly isn't disclosed and may well be non-cannon due to the events of Ben 10: Alien Force.

Another alternate future of the Earth was seen in Paradox, when Professor Paradox showed Ben and the gang what will happen if the time-warping creature gets out of Los Soledad and wanders off in the whole world with the Earth looking like a deserted wasteland.