Devlin Levin
Devlin Levin Tennyson
Species: 3/4 Human

1/4 Osmosian

Voice Actor: Charlie Schlatter
Age: 11
First Appearance: Ken 10
Affiliations: Tennyson family

Kevin 11,000

Abilities: Change from human to mutant/alien at will
Relatives: Kevin Levin (father)unnamed motherDevin Levin (paternal grandfather)

Ben Tennyson (adoptive father)


Devlin Levin Tennyson is Kevin's (biological) son, Kenny's best friend, and later, Ben 's adoptive son. When they first met, Devlin tricked Kenny into leading him to a Null Void Projector which he used to free his father.


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Devlin bears a striking resemblance to his father when he was his age. He is tall, has long black hair pulled back in a straight ponytail, dark blue eyes and pale skin. He wears a dark gray short sleeved hoodie, a black shirt, black pants, black and white shoes and a bandage on his right leg.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Devlin can change from human to a mutant alien form at will. His mutant form is similiar to the one his father had at his same age, a conglomerate of Ben's first 10 aliens, but he did not inherit his dads ability to absorb energy, (confirmed in Ben 10 pop-ups for Ken 10) which alued him to keep his sanity and not turn out like his father.


It was revealed that Devlin is the son of Kevin and a girl from a Saturn colony, which he probably had a short relationship with, but the episode, Ken 10 is non-canon and and only a possible future. He is also Ken's adoptive brother.


  • Apart from having the same mutant form as his father did at his age, Devlin shared many aspects with Kevin: He met Kenny in the same way Ben met Kevin, after Kenny went off after getting upset with Ben much like how Ben stormed off after an argument with Grandpa Max. Unlike Kevin however, Devlin genuinally liked his friendship with Kenny. Furthermore, he does not have the sociopathic tendencies his father had at his age and, in the end, was approached with the same offer to join the team that Ben offered Kevin. Unlike his father, who turned the offer down (at least until Alien Force), Devlin gladly accepted it and joined the Tennyson family.

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